National Geographic has announced the winners of its annual photo competition. TheGrand Prize Winner Jayaprakash Joghee Bojan receiving a prize of $7,500 for his image of an orangutan in Borneo (at the bottom of the post).

The winning shots are the perfect celebration of Mother Earth. 11,000 photos were submitted, competing in four categories: wildlife, landscapes, aerials, and underwater.

Here are my three favourites:

Honorable Mention, Wildlife: Macaque Maintenance, Lance Mcmillan.

A Japanese macaque indulges in some grooming time on the shores of the famous hot springs. I just love the tenderness of this image!

Mother Natures Camo, Cole Frechou 

It's one of those images that throws you at firts. On the 1st viewing I presumed it's an aerial photo of a mountain covered by forestation. Only when you I looked closely I realised it is a crocodile camouflaged in moss.

Honorable Mention, Landscapes: Cold And Misty, Gheorghe Popa 

Morning fog blurs the dead trees of Romania’s Lake Cuejdel, a natural reservoir created by landslides. Eerie but stunning.