The golden hour is one of my favourite times to shoot. It refers to a state of natural lighting that is most common just after sunrise and just before sunset. Its length will vary depending on where you are, what time of year it is, and the weather.

 It creates a beautiful soft golden light in your photos, adding this ethereal and dreamlike feel. 

The golden hour light is warm, thanks to the temperature being in the yellow range, which gives the light that coveted, golden hue. It's diffused, as if the whole sky is one giant light box... It's directional, because the low angle of the sun creates longer shadows, which adds more dimension to a photo. 

In his video, Logan Baker gives us a few tips how to take full advantage of this special time. In summary:

  1. Use a long lens (from 50mm onwards), if you wish to cut out the shadows from your shot
  2. Use a gold reflector for portraits, to bounce off the light on the models' face
  3. Turn your back to the sun to get more effects and start shooting
  4. It doesn't last the full hour! so scout the location before the shoot and work fast