Here's a real feel-good story about a man who battled poverty, alcoholism, and drug addiction - and who found unlikely salvation in the form of a DSLR camera.

Norman Eric Fox carried around a digital camera as he wandered homeless through shadowy downtown Vancouver. There he encountered beauty in the midst of poverty, addiction, mental health issues, and crime...and he found himself taking pictures.

Fox knew he had found his calling. He tried to learn everything he could about photography on the internet; he scraped together money to print portfolios; and he knocked on countless gallery doors, hoping to land a sale or an exhibition. His perseverence paid off - every one of his prints was sold at his first exhibition.

Recently he suffered a serious setback when all his equipment was stolen - fortunately, though, donors and buyers helped him get back on his feet, and he was even able to donate money to a local food bank that helps the homeless.

A nice story - and Fox offers some great photographic insights, too! I'm particularly impressed by his B&W collection of photos. Certainly goes to show you don't need expensive gear to make it as a photographer.