Really useful tips for photographing 'ordinary' women, as opposed to professional models.

Throughout my experience in the studio I noticed a big difference in working with 'newbies' and experienced models.

Admittingly, it is so much easier to work with models. They know their their body and face angles inside out and, if you are out of ideas, it sometimes suffices to say ‘change the pose’ and you are away again...

Working with woman with no modelling experience is a different story. It’s MUCH harder. They need more direction and reassurance that they are doing well. I agree with the author of this article 100 percent - the most important thing is to make them feel confident. From what I’ve learnt, even if you are not getting anything within the first 30 min, provided you are doing it right the model will eventually relax into it and you will get what you are looking for.

Carlo Nicora shares a few tips how to get it. I have tried a few methods he talks about - talking lots to the model trying to relax them as well as guide them, giving them clear instructions. It is also important to try to get to know them in order to bring out their personality in the photo.